Cloudy +slow week


An indeterminate mix of clouds throughout the rest of the day yesterday. Some huge swaths of translucent clouds formed a gigantic “V” in the western sky. Some chemtrails among the soft edged cumulus clouds this morning. Very cloudy now: 11:00 AM.

And of course those nebulous wisps between the cumulus clouds leads me to believe chemtrailing has been taking place out of sight or while I wasn’t looking. These are cirrious clouds; the kind of clouds left behind by chemtrails. Aerosol clouds.



Continued cloudy, as the weatherman would say. Some rain this morning.


Some ambiguous looking clouds the past couple of days. Some look natural. Some look cirrious. Other than that, no sign of chemtrails. It was a slow week for chemtrails. No doubt the engineers are pumping some other area.

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