Slow day + giant white bubble +a remarkable feat of cloud engineering

Great developments in the fight against chemtrails, eh? Coal ash. Who knew? In the meantime. Got up this morning, sixish, sevenish. Saw no chemtrails but some natural looking cirrus clouds. Later in the morning, not looking so natural. A lot of smoke like haze surrounding them. And the edges of these clouds were shearing off and streaming, suggesting a viscosity different from water vapor or a certain degree of particulate content. But I was just outside a moment ago, 9:30 AM, and I saw a long thin broken chemtrail stretching almost horizon to horizon. It indicates the source of the smoke like haze. The weather cooks are using stealth chemtrailing today: low rate of aerosol injection, quickly deforming trails that become nebulous billows within about ten minutes. If you don’t catch them within that time span you never see the actual chemtrails, just the milky residue that they leave behind.


Saw no chemtrails the rest of the day. This morning’s cirrus clouds gave way to massive cumulus clouds against a moderately blue sky. No significant sky haze or surrounding sea of mist.


1:30 PM. Again a sky full of cumulus clouds. That was after this morning’s white sky, a thin even cloud layer that gave the appearance of a light grey sky. I’m not sure how such an undifferentiated thin sheet of clouds should be classified. Cirrious? It is as if this area had  been enclosed in a giant white bubble. This sheet gradually grew thinner in various places and subsided altogether, replaced by a sky full of cumulus clouds. No sign of chemtrails; unless  you count that  thin sheet of clouds that covered this area this morning. No telling what that stuff consisted of.


Cumulus clouds embedded in a sea of mists today, unlike the days before when they were cast against a clear blue backdrop. Rain in the forecast. Light so far. 3:00 PM.


Rain yesterday evening. Some cirrus clouds this morning. Saw a single broken chemtrail. And now?


Such an odd trail formation; as if a single trail had been bisected a dozen times or more by perpendicular trails all starting and stopping in a regimented truncation. Alternately strong crosswinds caused the trail to break off at precisely spaced intervals. Either way it is a remarkable feat of cloud engineering. 2:00 PM.

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