Daily Archives: August 16, 2015

Coal Fly Ash “Is More Toxic Than Radioactive Waste”

By: Sayer Ji While it is clear that weather modification programs focused on enhanced precipitation are being conducted across the country using silver iodide, as recently exposed by our contributor Dave Dahl’s documentary “Artificial Clouds,” and that the result is global changes in weather patterns, exemplified by the temperature changes observed after thepost-9/11 airplane grounding, […]

Open Letter To The People of the World: Stop the chemtrails

Chemical Geoengineering Scientifically Proven To Be A Crime Against Humanity by Cosmic Convergence ————————————————————————————————————————————— “No one — no entity under the sun — has the right to conduct chemical assault against our person.  Likewise, no individual or entity under the sun  has the right to commit chemical trespass against our property or possessions.” — ChemtrailsMustStop.com […]

The Betrayal of the Black Elite

Cornel West & Chris Hedges: How the Black Elite Betrayed the Civil Rights Tradition (VIDEO) Dr. West argues that the black prophetic tradition has been replaced by capitalism and individualism. By Adam Johnson / AlterNet In the first episode of Chris Hedges’s new teleSUR show Days of Revolt, the Pulitzer-Prize winner sat down with long-time […]