While I wasn’t looking +Clear but pale +

Quite an active day yesterday, eh? Chemtrails all day long. It is undoubtedly the one I have most systematically documented. I doubt if I will take the time to take an elaborate sequence of photos in the future. The previous post will stand as a model example of a complete day of chemtrail activity. Today is a much different day. A pale day, cloudless this morning, if you don’t count the hazy film that causes the sky to appear pale. Now at noon there are a number of soft edged cumulus clouds surrounding this area. No chemtrails sighted.

6:00 PM. The cumulus clouds were pervasive in the afternoon. This evening they have largely been superseded by cirrus and cirrious (artificial) clouds. There are some hash marks among them that indicate chemtrail activity. And I saw a plane in the mix leaving a broken and quickly vanishing trail. Though I have seen no other chemtrails, these are the kinds of clouds chemtrails leave behind. Wispy, hoary, translucent. They must have been spraying while I wasn’t looking.



Be that as it may, other than the broken trail mentioned above, I have seen no chemtrails, yesterday or this morning. On the other hand, I take yesterday’s fibrous nebulous clouds as a primary sign of an aerosol dispersion, equal to the presence of actual chemtrails. These are aerosol clouds. While there may be some question as to how they arrive –blown from some nearby area, stealthily laid while I wasn’t looking or injected into the air by other means unknown. These are aerosol clouds.

This morning is much like yesterday morning. Clear but pale with small decomposing cumulus clouds here and there.

3:00 PM. So far today is a carbon copy of yesterday. Numerous cumulus clouds this afternoon.

And just like yesterday more pronounced chemtrails appeared in the evening. 8:00 PM.

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