A Day’s Chemtrail Sequence

No trails at 6:00 AM. Plenty trails at 7:30. The spraying has just begun.


And the trails have spread out and thinned at 10:00 AM.


We can see that the trails are about to melt into the sky haze. So I can say that these particular chemtrails lingered in their linear form (before turning into an amorphous billow) about three or four hours (it will probably take another half hour to completely deform and the trails were probably formed about a half an hour before I noticed them). So these are not the quick dispersing stealth chemtrail formula.

Those trails have pretty much dissolved at 10:20, but the area is being reinforced with fresh chemtrails, albeit of a lighter variety. You can see them if you look closely, most prominently a diagonal across the center of the pix.


1:00 PM. And the spraying continues at a moderate steady pace.


2:30 PM. Nothing stealthy about today’s chemtrails.


Fading somewhat now but an hour ago  there were more chemtrails including two gigantic white crosses hanging in the sky.

4:00 PM. Actually a few minutes before four. I like to use even numbers whenever possible, so I round off.


I like to see planes at “chemtrail altitude”, the altitude at which trail-leaving planes always fly, 40 -60,000 feet, that are not leaving trails. That tells me a lot when such planes appear amidst a sky full of chemtrails. That is exactly what I saw crossing just ahead of the trail at the top of this picture, going north (down). Of course the vehicle was too high for me to make out, a gleaming dot crossing the path of an already laid chemtrail. Truncated trails like the two in the picture are, BTW, evidence of spray selectively being turned on and off, confirming that these are chemtrails and not contrails, which of course would be continuous. And presuming the craft I just observed was a plane, the fact that it was not leaving a trail indicates that the trails left by other planes at the same altitude are not due to atmospheric conditions. That is what a trailess plane among chemtrails tells me.

4:25 PM. I just watched another one of those suckers. About 50,000 feet or thereabouts cruising out of the east and leaving a long crisp white trail. Just before passing directly overhead it stopped leaving a trail, but I followed the glimmering dot with my eye. It was so small I almost lost it several times, but I was determined to see if this little dot would begin leaving a trail again. Sure enough, after what seemed like five minutes staring at  the sky the plane, now in the west, began leaving a trail again, after a break of what had to have been ten or twenty miles. If this is not wanton illegal criminal aerosol spraying, what is it?

5:00 PM. And so, here is the culmination of the chemtrailers’ work. A cirrious cloud. Chemtrail residue.


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