An alternating pattern +anomalous flying object +new musing11/23

No sign of direct chemtrailing this morning. Sky clear but pale. 8:00 AM.

And fifteen minutes after writing that, chemtrails.


In the north on the left. Across the sun on the right.

An alternating pattern. That appears to be what is happening today. Several trails, a break of an hour or two, then several more.

the engineers are frequently deploying  quick dispersing aerosols so that chemtrails are less likely to be noticed. Hence the engineers  can work an alternating pattern, of spraying, simmering or clearing, and repeat. They can do this several times a day.

Interestingly enough, I noticed in the interval, around 10:00 AM, some planes flying at the altitude that chemtrail planes invariably fly, between 40 and 60 thousand feet, that were not leaving lingering trails, as had the planes at similar altitude a couple of hours earlier. Now at 12:00, planes at that altitude are leaving trails again.


Unless you want to believe that the atmospheric conditions conducive to the production of chemtrails (rare BTW) changed and then changed back during that period, you have to acknowledge a coordinated release of particulate matter, in the spray-then-rest process suggested above. Sometimes the planes flying at that altitude are spraying and sometimes they’re not, according to whatever the program is.

Interesting. I just stepped outside, just before 7:00 PM, to observe the state of the sky. There has been, as far as I can tell, occasional chemtrails all day long. It’s hard to know what to make of what I just saw. I saw one plane directly overhead. It was very small and very high up, 50 or 60,000 feet. Little more than a dot. And it was streaking east. It was moving faster than such planes usually do. There was a trail but a very short lasting one. In the northwest was a plane, headed in the opposite direction, leaving a moderately long trail.Then as I followed the track of the first plane I caught sight of an object headed north that seemed to be at a  lower altitude that was leaving no trail at all. At that altitude (I estimate  about 40,000 feet), if it was indeed a plane I should have been able to make out the shape of the wings, which I could not. The object was not, therefore, a jetliner and was likely a smaller craft of some sort. And of course if it was a much smaller craft it would have been at a lower altitude than I am estimating. If I had to guess the shape of this craft, which was little more than a gleaming dot to my eye, I’d say it was shaped more like a dumbbell than a plane. It was leaving no trail at all. And nearby there was yet another high flying craft (50 or 60,000 feet) leaving no trail at all. That’s what I happened to see just before seven. A plane leaving a short trail, a plane leaving a long trail, a plane leaving no trail and an anomalous flying object.


I just heard a rumor that drones are operating secretly domestically. The notion sheds some light on what that anomalous odd shaped flying object might have been.


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