Spreading chemtrails +shearing into ribbons +Starting….now! +alternating pattern


Although at first chemtrails were hard to discern yesterday morning, aerosol spray was apparent throughout the rest of the day. Similarly today. Spreading chemtrails and phony cirrus clouds this morning. 12:00 PM.


Check it out. Remember those streaming linear clouds that I couldn’t quite figure out day before yesterday? They didn’t really look like chemtrails but more like vapor being carried by strong air currents. Here is an example of how that might happen.


See the small cloud in the center of this picture? And notice, BTW, the crisscross cloud configuration of which it is a part, thin translucent linear clouds, the likely residue of chemtrails. These clouds are almost certainly clouds of aerosol spray, of various metals and other particulates, and are not water vapor at all. A telltale indication that this is some other substance than water vapor is the way the air current shears off the cloud in the center and sends bits of it streaming through the sky like a comets tail. Natural clouds do not normally shear off and stream in ribbons as this cloud does. The shearing indicates that the clouds are of a different viscosity than water vapor.This shearing into ribbons is what I observed two days ago; a kind of second stage of chemtrail dispersion. The original trails have coagulated into aerosol clouds. These manufactured clouds are further distributed by crosswinds or jet streams which sends the particulates flying across the sky in gossamer ribbons. That’s what I witnessed a couple of days ago.


Today seems to have been a chemtrail free day. It’s certainly possible, but hardly. I know how quickly the sky can transform. I was unable to go or even look outside for nearly six hours today. And though I saw no chemtrails on my morning commute to my destination, anything could have happened in that six hour interval. There could have been a massive chemtrail bombardment that has since cleared up; or something less dramatic. I just don’t know. But at 4:00 PM, a pastel blue sky is inundated with cumulus clouds with no apparent signs of chemtrails. True, the frayed edges of the clouds and the paleness of the sky suggest the presence of ambient aerosols from earlier sprayings, but there is only a hint of the streaky film that is characteristic of residual recent aerosol spray. And there are no translucent cirrious clouds accompanying the cumulus clouds. No sea of mists.  No chemtrail day? I don’t know. But I see no signs of chemtrails. Starting….now!

6:30 PM. That didn’t take long. About two hours later, most of the cumulus clouds are gone, the sky is a shade or two paler and long wide swaths of spreading chemtrails  crisscross, barely visible against the bleached background, which is why I have not attempted to photograph them. But it is just as I said. The sky can change are dramatically in a very short period of time. And the engineers are deploying a lot of quick dispersing aerosols so that chemtrails less likely to be noticed. Hence the engineers  can work an alternating pattern, of spraying, simmering or clearing, and repeat. They can do this several times a day. That means that they can bombard us with chemtrails during working hours and most of the people in the US would be unaware.

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