The plasma in which we steep +musical staff +shipping the film +a-spraying they have been


7:30 AM. I could not tell. Because the sky is pale. I saw some vague linear streaks in the thin hazy cloud film that envelopes the sky. These streaks in the film could be spreading chemtrails. When the atmosphere is already saturated with particulates -when the sky is pale- chemtrails are absorbed more quickly. If you don’t see them within the first ten minutes the trail will vanish into the haze. That is if they are like this: thin, reduced emission.


See it? Exactly! The chemtrails are so thin and at such a lower level of emission that they can barely be seen against the blanched sky. If you look very closely there is a thin white line running vertically down the left half of the picture. Very difficult to see. The epitome of stealth chemtrailing. In this way the geoengineers -and by now we can call them human/bioengineers as well- replenish the aerosol plasma in which we steep. Without our knowing it.

11:30 AM. I had to get a picture of this. Parallel linear clouds in the distance. Chemtrails? You usually don’t find this many perfectly parallel chemtrails.


Maybe it’s some kind of jet stream phenomenon. Or were several planes convoying simultaneously across the sky about 1000 feet apart? Parallel trails. Five or six of them. Looks like a damn musical staff.

Two trails spotted at 12:00. One broken. (Interrupted stream is proof of deployment of aerosol spray, by virtue of the fact that it can be interrupted and is not continuous.)

2:20 PM. More stripes, this time in the west. The former were in the east. Could be the same streaming lines of vapors or particulates, perhaps shifting with the jet stream; having passed overhead.


I don’t know what causes these stripes. It probably isn’t direct chemtrailing.

Now, twenty minutes later, there are many more of these gossamer ribbons, fanning out diagonally from the northeast to the southwest. This is material (vapor, particulates or a combination of both) streaming into this area, probably carried by the jet stream, from points northeast of here. I reckon that’s where the direct chemtrailing is taking place today. And you can bet that streaming it into this area was no accident. You can bet the geoengineers know exactly where the aerosols they spray goes. They are using the air currents like railroad tracks, shipping the film to its designated terminus.


There were chemtrails visible throughout the rest of the day yesterday.This morning its cirrious clouds, those thin translucent coagulations of haze, and recognizable spreading chemtrail remnants. More of the stealthy approach. It’s difficult to catch the planes in the act of spraying. The texture of these dubious clouds, however, suggest that a-spraying  they have been. 10:00 AM.

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