Cooking up a storm? +translucent clouds


Who knows? The chemical chefs could have cooked up a storm. I don’t know how likely that is. The geoengineers have likely got bigger fish to fry than starting thunderstorms in the mid-south. I am just taking note of when chemtrailing starts and stops. We had not been having much chemtrailing in recent weeks. I have remarked on the light but still perceptible trails that I dubbed “stealth chemtrailing”. What we have had this week, however, is two days of fairly heavy chemtrailing, a noticeable pause and then a thunderstorm. Drying this morning. Mostly cloudy, soft edged cumulus clouds. No discernible chemtrails. 2:30 PM.

No chemtrails today. 8:00 PM.


9:00 AM. Apparently the storm day before yesterday was severe in nearby areas. Large power outages, according to local news, continues. Another severe storm is currently moving through the area. I watched it approach, atypically from the north. Usually weather systems approach this area form the west. I did see by the TV weather map that the system was moving southeast, which would explain the south bound cloud I saw as an aspect  of that general direction. What I noticed about this approaching dark cloud was that it formed a sharp boundary across the northern horizon. Theoretically, approaching cloud banks can have naturally occurring sharp boundaries, but when I see straight lines I tend to think of man made things. It was remarkable how evenly this bank of dark clouds migrated across the landscape.


The dark cloud bank was gradated like the shades on an artist’s color chart.

12:30 AM. The cloud cover thins. Chemtrails stitch through the sheet of translucent clouds.


A few clouds, some chemtrails throughout the day.


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