Chemtrail plasma +repeat +transforming sky +letting the brew simmer +Thunderstorm + cumulus clouds


No chemtrails this morning. Or so it would seem. The sky is pale though. Probably saturated from yesterday’s almost continuous spraying. Actually, about a couple of hours later (11:30), chemtrails can be seen if you look closely.


The sky is so pale, you can barely make them out. And, as I say, when the atmosphere is already saturated with sprayed aerosols, the chemtrails are quickly absorbed into the preexisting plasma. They are going to be able to spray us pretty much unnoticed today because of how thick the plasma already is and how pale the sky is. The trails will not stand out, like they did yesterday. Yesterday I had people who I normally point out trails to, a couple of relatives I exposed to the phenomenon years ago, pointing them out to me. Yesterday the chemtrailing was quite blatant and easily noticed. Unlike this morning.

5:00 PM. Well, the chemtrailing continued throughout the day and turned out to be fairly noticeable after all.



9:00 AM. This morning’s sky almost identical to yesterday evening’s. Light chemtrailing.

8:00 PM. Moderately extensive chemtrailing this evening.


Amazing. The picture on the right is 15 minutes later. The trails have dissolved into a mottled but evenly distributed sheet of thin clouds. In just 15 minutes, the sky has completely transformed. Lines gone!


Cloudy this morning. No chemtrails. 11:30.

I have seen no chemtrails but the clouds are dubious.


Some look very cirrious. The single plane I did see, around 2:20 PM, was at chemtrail altitude (40 to 60,000 feet)  but left a “normal” contrail, one that vanished in seconds behind the plane. This indicates one of two things. The rare atmospheric conditions that allow for the formation of lingering trails are not present; or the chemtrail planes are not currently spraying. Maybe the plane I saw had run out of aerosols and was returning to base for refueling. Maybe the geo-cooks have completed the direct spraying phase of the recipe and now they are letting the brew simmer under the summer heat.

Thunderstorm just after 4:00 PM.


Who knows? The chemical chefs could have cooked up a storm. I don’t know how likely that is. The geoengineers have likely got bigger fish to fry than starting thunderstorms in the mid-south. I am just taking note of when chemtrailing starts and stops. We had not been having much chemtrailing in recent weeks. I have remarked on the light but still perceptible trails that I dubbed “stealth chemtrailing”. What we have had this week, however, is two days of fairly heavy chemtrailing, a pause and then a thunderstorm. Drying this morning. Mostly cloudy, soft edged cumulus clouds. No discernible chemtrails. 2:30 PM.

No chemtrails today. 8:00 PM.


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