Chemtrails don’t disappear +A chemtrail blitz +continued to stream +

Extensive chemtrailing this morning. 7:30 AM.


10:00 AM. Much of those earlier trails have dissolved into milky fibrous clouds.


It is important to remember that  chemtrails don’t disappear. They transform. They deform into gossamer clouds, clouds that have the texture of smoke; the texture of sprayed aerosols. There is a reason they resemble sprayed aerosols because that is what they are. And they don’t disappear. They will hover in the air and spread into an ever thinning film, or they will combine with other similar or dissimilar clouds to form banks or bands of clouds. But they don’t disappear. Yet another feature that distinguishes chemtrails from contrails. If the stuff that planes leave behind forms a cloud, that stuff is  chemtrails.

Now, at 11:20, it is hard to tell that there was significant chemtrailing this morning.


Still some remnants in the form of the  streaky haze upon which these newly arrived cumulus clouds float. I saw one lone but long chemtrail  among these clouds. So, from 10:00 AM, when you could definitely recognize spreading chemtrail patterns, we now  have a sky, at 11:30, that shows no obvious signs of chemtrails (except for the single one already mentioned). About an hour and a half. A chemtrail blitz. Two hours. As I say I usually don’t observe on intervals of less than two hours. Apparently I can miss a chemtrail bombardment during that time span. All I would see afterwards would be what I call “cirrious clouds”; clouds that resemble the kind of clouds left behind by chemtrails: chemtrail clouds –hoary, translucent, gossamer, nebulous, however you care to describe them– as I have often observed, in the absence of chemtrails.

Now the cumulus clouds are migrating through. They always seem to have a cleansing effect on the sky, soaking up the haze and turning the sky back to blue.

1:30 PM. But the chemtrails have not stopped streaming.


And they continued to stream, off and on, throughout the day among some enormous cumulonimbus stacks. . 800 PM.


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