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The rise of the oligarchy and Barack Obama

Sam Smith 2010 Go back more than two decades and you find politicians like Nixon, Carter and Reagan who built their own political base; politicians such as Truman, Johnson, and Ford deeply rooted in conventional politics; Kennedy, whose family’s oligarchic inclinations were cut brutally short and FDR, who was hated by many of the elites. […]

Beyond Symbolic Victories against Racism

False Flag Change: History, the Confederate Flag, Obama and the Deeper American Racism by PAUL STREET As the reigning corporate United States media and politics culture responds to a terrible racist atrocity by questioning the political correctness of the Confederate Flag and logo across the South, it is a good time to reflect on the […]

Look up +nightmare skies +Morning trails

More cirrious clouds this morning. 7:00 AM. The geoengineers are serious about making chemtrails harder to detect. I know they are monitoring the Web  and they know that an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the chemtrail project. People are beginning to follow my advice: look up. Look up from your preoccupied mind. […]

Trails at various stages of dispersal +why dissolve cumulus clouds? +more trails +ever so light and gentle

7/8/15 Morning sky, 8:30 AM. Rarely am I able to capture chemtrails in the making these recent weeks. But I have seen enough of how the process works to know that these are chemtrails sprayed in sporadic bursts so that they are less noticeable. These are trails at various stages of dispersal. The vertical parallel […]

Under the aerosol dome +stealth chemtrailing + sprayed aerosols

7/6/15 I may have seen a chemtrail or two over the weekend. I can’t remember. At any rate the chemtrail activity has not been significant the past several days. Cloudy mainly. With more or less natural clouds. But the clouds today? What are they? How are they classified meteorologically? Some sub category of cumulus or […]

Charleston shooting follow up

  “Let’s monitor everyone and put them on a watch list” Dylann Roof had black friends. He was never known by any of his friends to be racist. He was supposedly photographed entering the church and in that picture he appears to be wearing light body armor underneath his shirt. (Not cheap or not easy […]

Obama’s Amazing Bullshit

There Has Been a Great Tragedy… by RICHARD WARD We are in a black church in the South on a hot summer day watching the trim, immaculate figure at the pulpit speak to the congregation. He has been on stage many times and is a passable, if not very good actor. There has been a […]

QOTD: Obamacare is an obstacle, not a starting point, for universal healthcare

Key Failures of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare an Obstacle to Universal Health Care    Black Agenda Report Trudy Lieberman: “We are replacing a crisis of un-insurance with a crisis of under-insurance, and we’re going to find people with very high deductables and very high cost-sharing as the years go on, because we haven’t controlled the […]