Rough estimates +Refurbishing the film surreptitiously +


Clear skies today. Except for that “summertime” haze. We’ve been in a heatwave the past couple of weeks. At 3:00 PM I saw a single airliner at the altitude chemtrailers normally fly. It left a “normal ” contrail that vanished in seconds behind it. Conditions are evidently not right for producing “lingering contrails”. Be that as it may, I mention this plane because it was at a little lower altitude than most chemtrail planes. It was tiny in the distance but I could still make out fuselage wings and tail sections quite distinctly. Some chemtrail planes are so high you cannot distinguish these features. This plane seems to represent the lower end of the range at which chemtrailers operate. I’m going to, again somewhat arbitrarily, assign the altitude at which this plane was flying as 40,000 feet. I am therefore deducing that chemtrail planes operate between 40,000 and 60,000 feet. The planes that are at an altitude where you can still make out fuselage wing and tail are at about 40,000 feet. When they appear to be mere dots, they are 60,000.


Same this morning. Skies blue but pale. Seen a couple of planes leaving long trails that dissolve within 10 minutes. Refurbishing the film surreptitiously.

Large chemtrail at 4:00 PM.


As usual it is in the vicinity of the sun.


6:30 AM. Morning chemtrail activity.


8:30 PM. Chemtrails waxed and waned throughout the day. Moderate temperatures, BTW. Not quite as hot the past couple of days.

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