Cirrious clouds +little by little +hash marks +crank up the volume +chemswatches

They are really fooling me this morning. At dawn I saw soft fuzzy pink tentacles stretching out from the vicinity of the rising sun. In fact the bank of clouds on the western horizon was pink as well. But the streaks emanating from the east were very long, extending and fanning out over most of the northern hemisphere, growing more nebulous as they spread west. But I saw no actual chemtrails. What I saw was fuzzy plumes, the kind of clouds left behind by chemtrails. Cirrious clouds.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150726_094822

This is the sky at 10:00 AM. There is a vague lazy linear orientation to these nebulous clouds which suggest that they may be spreading chemtrails. I’m almost certain of it. And yet I have seen no chemtrails. That does not mean that there hasn’t been any. I am usually at least an hour or two between periodic observations. And, as I have noticed, short lasting chemtrails can deform into wispy clouds, like the ones above, in ten minutes. So if you don’t catch these trails during the ten minutes they retain a sharp linear form, you will not see them. You will only see the wispy cloud they left behind. This is stealth chemtrailing. And these are what they leave behind. Cirrious clouds.

12:30 PM.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150726_123303

Well there you go. Finally caught sight of one of these stealth chemtrails before it deformed into a cloud wisp. This is what they, the geoengineers, are doing now; how they can inject aerosols into the air with nobody noticing. Except for me, of course. As noted again and again, chemtrails are usually spotted in the vicinity of the sun. There are no other chemtrails in the sky. This aerosol plasma replenishing aspect of the program seems to only involve one or two planes at a time, building up the aerosol bubble little by little.

And that’s the way it’s been all day.The sky has hash marks all over, chemtrail residue at various stages of dispersal. Only a couple of chemtrails at a time, but apparently continuously, one right after another. 6:30 PM.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150726_182757

The trail at the very bottom of this picture is the freshest and I saw it in the making. It was a thin white line ten minutes ago and now it is beginning to spread out. The broken trail in the center has already begun to deform and represents an earlier pass. An even earlier trail can be seen vertically bisecting this trail. It is just barely holding on to its linear orientation as it melts into the haze that surrounds it. All of these trail remnants will meld together becoming a part of the burgeoning cirrious cloud formation.

7:20 PM. How interesting. While I was writing the above I was apparently missing a swarm of chemtrail planes. There were several trails and they were mainly in the vicinity of the sun; in contrast to the usual pattern of trails in the morning that taper off the rest of the day. I guess sometimes stealth chemtrailing is not sufficient. They have to crank up the volume.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150726_191953

And a half hour later, they are still not through. A surprisingly active evening for chemtrails.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150726_195705LEONS-PC - WIN_20150726_195734


In contrast to yesterday, there are no primary indications of chemtrail activity. No trails. No “cirrious” clouds. The clouds all look like natural clouds; cirrus in the morning, cumulus this afternoon. The sky is pale and the edges of the cumulus clouds soft, both of which indicate that particulates are floating in the atmosphere; the aerosol plasma I’ve mentioned before. Such particulates can likely stay aloft for days, so this is no indication of recent chemtrail activity. As far as I can tell, this is one of those rare days where there are no chemtrails.

Well. I should have known better. I had to go out an hour or so after that last entry. Driving around gives you a broader view of the sky. There were indeed a couple of spreading chemswatches in the sky. The engineers are still injecting dashes of aerosols into the atmosphere; even more stealthier than yesterday. I certainly would not have seen it if I had not had to run that errand. Maybe after that rash of chemtrails yesterday evening, the air is sufficiently  saturated so that all that is now required to maintain the desired ratio are short bursts, like the ones I just observed.

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