Clouds + And yet… +the aerosol plasma +stealth chemtrailing continues

Hardly went out at all yesterday. No opportunity to observe, but I did see that the sky was mostly covered over with various kinds of clouds, heavier in the morning, lighter in the evening. Seems there may have been light rain overnight. I saw no chemtrails but some of the clouds looked suspiciously cirrious. The clouds this morning look like natural cirrus or cumulus clouds. But then you have this very linear cloud  formation.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150723_114219

It certainly could be natural. About a 50/50 chance.

8:00 PM. Cloudy the rest of the day with occasional rain.


No chemtrails sighted this morning. No morning trails. The sky was clear with clouds on the fringes, on various horizons; a break with the familiar ushering in of the rising sun.with sprayed aerosols. And yet…

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150724_125245

When you look  at the sky carefully you can see that there are cumulus clouds overhead now, at 1:00 PM, but also that there is a streaky stream of hazy mists that surrounds these clouds. The sea of mists upon which these decomposing cumulus clouds float, I contend, are sprayed aerosols. These were not necessarily sprayed in this area –as I say, I have seen no chemtrails. These are particulates that  remain aloft probably for days after they have been injected into the upper atmosphere; being carried and spread by the jet stream, accumulating and re-coagulating miles from their origin. At any rate, we are living in an largely invisible bubble of sprayed aerosols. The existence of the bubble  is evidenced in the way cumulus clouds, migrating through it,dissolve around edges. Ragged edged cumulus clouds are a secondary sign of chemtrails, an indication that sprayed particulates from earlier sprayings, perhaps from sprayings at other locations, are in the air.

2:00 PM. Now here is some direct spraying, one of the few chemtrails I have sighted this week.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150724_135720

Fifteen minutes later and there is no sign of the trail. But the haze left in the wake of the trail adds to the general pale haziness that surrounds these clouds. This is stealth chemtrailing; short lasting  trails; spraying just enough to keep a certain ratio of particulates in the air; replenishing the aerosol plasma in which we dwell. For what purpose?  It could be that these omnipresent floating particulates act as a field that allows information feedback for some weather modification system (HAARP), as some have suggested. Could be something more sinister. We don’t know. We don’t know what the purpose of the aerosol plasma is. We only know that it is permeating our atmosphere and enveloping us. We only know that we are living in it.


The sky was partially covered by a thin sheet of gossamer clouds, likely the residue of spreading chemtrails. A single chemtrail, long and thin, was threading the mix when I stepped outside about sevenish AM. Similar to the process I described yesterday: short lasting trails contributing to the volume of the gossamer sheet. Now, at 9:00 AM, the film is a bit thinner and wider dispersed, but the stealth chemtrailing continues: a sequence of single short lasting trails, mostly, that keep the sky inundated with particulates but, because they quickly melt into the already established sky film, do not attract too much attention.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150725_085433

Again, though this morning the spreading trails are evenly distributed across the sky, typically the freshest trail lies across the face of the sun. As I have said before, in the morning, it is hard to get a picture of chemtrails that does not include the sun.

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