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Monday, Monday. So there were no morning trails yesterday. Mysterious cirrious clouds did appear later in the day. (Cirrious clouds are clouds that resemble those left behind by chemtrails.) This morning those same kind of clouds are creeping their way out of the east, along with the rising sun. You can see enough linear veins in the mash to suggest that these clouds have been built up from numerous spreading chemtrails.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150720_073201LEONS-PC - WIN_20150720_073112

It’s a bit eerie to watch this hoary wave sweep over me. The bank was moving westward at a moderately brisk pace. We are being fumigated here. Sprayed like roaches. 7:30 AM.

9:30 AM. There’s a couple of definite trails visible here.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150720_092252

As I say, they do it stealthily:

This type does not keep its linear form  long. But neither does it  disappear. It hovers in the sky, a translucent amorphous cloud  that spreads out  merges with adjacent similarly gossamer clouds… Stealth chemtrailing. Short lasting trails that quickly deform into gossamer clouds.

Here are three chemtrails, just left of center in this picture, at three stages of dispersal.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150720_095229

The leftmost trail is beginning to deform. Just to the right of the bottom portion of this trail (barely visible in this photograph) is a later trail still retaining its linearity, and parallel to the top portion of the leftmost trail a sharp white line representing a freshly laid trail. Note also that the trails’ streams modulate and are broken at places, indicating interruptions that can only be accounted for by spray of some sort being turned on and off. Note too the parallelism of the trails. The three stages of dispersal represent trails being laid consecutively in the same general area in the same direction. These are quickly deforming trails, rather than the classic long lasting chemtrails. Light lines being sketched in, one after another, rather than a a single, highly noticable broad bright line. The multiple stroke “sketch” technique is an approach that does not attract attention, as classic chemtrails do. This is why I call this process “stealth chemtrailing”. You hardly notice it. Unless you’re paying attention. 10:00 AM.

12:00 PM Light broken trails. Killing us softly.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150720_121418

As per the usual summertime pattern, active chemtrailing ceases after noon. The sky now is filled with cumulus clouds, decomposing in the wake of this morning’s trails.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150720_152053

3:00 PM.


0vercast this morning. Who knows how much of this mixture is natural? 8:30 AM.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150721_084259

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