Cumulus sponges +Cirrious clouds +


Completely “clear” skies this morning. Except for that hazy film that causes the sky to look pale. 7:30 AM.

A much more natural blue sky at noon. With numerous voluminous billowing cumulus clouds. There is something about cumulus clouds that have the effect of  washing the paleness from the sky. It is as if they act as sponges to the sprayed particulates. Aye, they decompose in the process, but when they are huge, and in the absence of further spraying, they effectively clean the sky, turning it back to blue. And here is something I seldom see: a plane at the altitude chemtrail planes fly leaving a trail that vanished in seconds. It was little more than a dot, and of course I have undoubtedly missed many such sightings with no trails to call my attention. This I only saw because I just happened to look  in that vicinity at that particular time. So at any rate, whether or not there are many  similar planes at this altitude passing unnoticed sans trails, it is a rare sight. Perhaps, it could be suggested, numerous planes pass overhead at this altitude daily and I only notice them when conditions are conducive to producing lingering contrails. One reason why this is not likely is that such conditions are supposedly rare while chemtrails are an almost daily occurrence. And there is ample evidence that aerosols are being sprayed from these planes. It would be disingenuous to assume that the lines in the sky are the result of normally unseen aircraft under rare conditions. The frequency of occurrence belies that argument. There is also the phenomenon of broken trails that suggest that aerosol spray is being turned on and off by these planes and not a continuous stream as would be the case if atmospheric conditions were the cause of the lingering trails. At any rate, the plane was leaving a normal contrail, lasting only seconds. 12:30 PM.


There was a moderate amount to chemtrailing this morning. A few remaining trails at 10:00 AM.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150718_101253


I saw no chemtrails this morning, nor throughout the afternoon. But of course most of my time was spent indoors. So who knows? The hazy nebulous clouds in this picture look awfully suspicious.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150719_165804

And awfully linear. They certainly are the kinds of clouds left behind by chemtrails. There seems to be a ring of them encircling this area, hovering just above the four horizons.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150719_165909

Cirrious clouds. 5:00 PM

6:00 PM. I did see a definite chemtrail. This type does not keep its linear form  long. But neither does it  disappear. It hovers in the sky a translucent amorphous cloud  that spreads out  merges with adjacent similarly gossamer clouds. It is almost certain that this is the means by which the larger mass of translucent clouds was made. Stealth chemtrailing. Short lasting trails that quickly deform into gossamer clouds


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