Daily Archives: July 14, 2015

Morning trails + sea of mists +homogenized clouds +A sudden thunderstorm

7/13/15 Morning trails. 6:30 AM. That does seem to be the summertime pattern. A pattern I noticed several years ago. Chemtrails in the morning that spread into a thin film throughout the day. Not much spraying later in the day. The geoengineers seem to want to modify morning sunlight. I noticed today, because I rose […]

The rise of the oligarchy and Barack Obama

Sam Smith 2010 Go back more than two decades and you find politicians like Nixon, Carter and Reagan who built their own political base; politicians such as Truman, Johnson, and Ford deeply rooted in conventional politics; Kennedy, whose family’s oligarchic inclinations were cut brutally short and FDR, who was hated by many of the elites. […]