Look up +nightmare skies +Morning trails

More cirrious clouds this morning. 7:00 AM.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150711_065328

The geoengineers are serious about making chemtrails harder to detect. I know they are monitoring the Web  and they know that an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the chemtrail project. People are beginning to follow my advice: look up. Look up from your preoccupied mind. Your pre occupied mind.The PTB keeps us so busy with various stresses, financial, political, and distracted by entertainment (especially sports) that we generally don’t have time to look up. So they could, until recently, hide this massive ecological crime in plain sight. Nobody was paying attention. But thanks to Internet activists, blogs like chemtrailsplanet and geoengineeringwatch.org, people are starting to wake up. The geoengineers are mindful of this rising awareness and are consequently being more subtle  in the application  of sprayed aerosols.

Sometimes, however, it seems they find it necessary to go full bore. At 9:00 AM. A massive chemtrail. In a typical location. Across the face of the morning sun.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150711_090421


I didn’t observe the rest of the day. Preoccupied. I didn’t notice any chemtrail activity during the brief times I was out and about in the ongoing heatwave. This morning there are no chemtrails.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150712_104622LEONS-PC - WIN_20150712_111147

A pastel blue sky with small  to medium cumulus clouds. These clouds are dissolving around the edges with the smaller ones again being completely disintegrated. These “ragged edged” cumulus clouds are secondary indicators of chemtrailing in that they represent the invisible airborne particulates left aloft in the wake of chemtrails; lingering long after the planes have stopped spraying. It is these lingering ambient aerosols that shred apart and dissolve cumulus clouds.  11:00 AM. Older readers, remember as a child making pictures of cloud formations? A face. An animal. Whatever the shapes conjured to your imagination? What images could cumulus clouds conjure today except  hoary, ghastly ones. The images clouds make today are nightmarish. It is probably better that children no longer see images in them. It would scare them. Like it scares me.


Morning trails. 6:30 AM.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150713_062140

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