Trails at various stages of dispersal +why dissolve cumulus clouds? +more trails +ever so light and gentle


Morning sky, 8:30 AM.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150708_083901

Rarely am I able to capture chemtrails in the making these recent weeks. But I have seen enough of how the process works to know that these are chemtrails sprayed in sporadic bursts so that they are less noticeable. These are trails at various stages of dispersal. The vertical parallel broken trails on the right have just begun to disperse. On the left an earlier sprayed trail has already become a wispy fibrous cloud.

9:00 AM Some additional trails have helped to create a large bank of translucent clouds in the northeast.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150708_091136

I was amazed to watch as small cumulus clouds, migrating  underneath the tentacles of that translucent cloud bank, dissolved and literally disintegrated. They were not passing through the translucent bank of clouds, mind you, but traveling underneath, at a lower altitude. They dissolved so rapidly that it seemed they were being bombarded with invisible blasts of  particulates. Holes were punched into them very rapidly and the smaller of the clouds disintegrated altogether. This indicates to me that whatever is being sprayed above these clouds has particulate matter that descends very rapidly. Most of it stays aloft of course, at least for a while, as you can see. That is the part of the sprayed aerosols that is visible to the naked eye. But evidently some unseen  portion of these sprayed aerosols descend very rapidly, judging by the quickness with which the cumulus clouds, at the lower altitude, were dissolved.

Begs the question: If the object of geoengineers is to block solar rays, why dissolve cumulus clouds? Could be an accident or incidental to creating cloud cover somewhere else. Could be a different agenda altogether. I suspect that the shredded cumulus clouds don’t vanish altogether but are homogenized into a mist, combined with sprayed aerosols and converted into those thin translucent sheets that we see so frequently in our skies.

10:00 AM. Well, I did overlook another possible explanation for the dissolving cumulus clouds, and probably the more likely one. The cumulus clouds could have been drifting through an atmosphere already saturated with aerosols from earlier sprayings. By far the most likely explanation.


There were a few more trails spotted throughout the rest of yesterday. Similar to what we have this morning. 11:00 AM.


And similar to what we have today. Stealth chemtrails throughout the day, apparently (I’ve been inside most of this steamy day), ever so light and gentle; and cirrious clouds. Like this one.

LEONS-PC - WIN_20150710_144908

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