Pale sky +Overcast

The weather was beautiful this weekend. Moderate temperatures compared to the preceding days. The sky was blue though pale with numerous enormous cumulus clouds all over. And I didn’t even see that milky mist that usually accompany them; the mists the likely residue of sprayed aerosols. Quite remarkable in the context of what has become typical. No signs of aerosol spraying. Not in the mists nor was there a high degree of dissolution around the edges of the cumulus clouds. The ambient aerosols, as I have said before, tend to cause cumulus clouds to dissolve around the edges resulting in a ragged contour. These clouds, however, tended to retain their rounded contours indicating that there was a lower percentage of ambient aerosols in the air.

Yesterday it was a different story. There were some cumulus clouds but they floated on a very pale sky. This morning, after last night’s thunderstorm, the sky is very pale again and some chemtrails can be seen threading the mix in the vicinity of the rising sun. 8:30 AM.

Now the sky is covered by a film so thin I hesitate to call it a cloud. White sky. Notice that it is hard to make out the contours of the actual cumulus clouds in the lower portion of this picture in contrast to the bleached sky that they occupy. 1:00 PM..

WIN_20150630_131428 (2)


Nothing much going on the past two days. There were some suspicious looking cloud formations –swirls, some bands of translucent  clouds– but no obvious signs of chemtrails. A thunderstorm early this morning, around dawn. Still raining lightly at 11:00 AM. Likely it will rain off and on throughout the day. Overcast.

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