Stealth chemtrailing +More + filtered sunlight +fuzzy film +too hot +cirrious clouds

For whatever reason, this has become the most common form of chemtrailing.


Light, short lasting trails that quickly melt into a fibrous cloud. The only clue you have that they are aerosol clouds and not natural cirrus clouds, if you don’t happen to catch them in the making, is that they are linear oriented. This is what I call stealth chemtrailing. Who knows how long it has been going on. Perhaps it has always been used along side of the heavy lingering trails that have come to define the phenomenon. The classic chemtrails, where multiple lingering trails crisscross the sky is rarely seen anymore. This is likely because the highly visible trails were attracting the public’s attention and causing more people to awaken to the implications. Now the criminal geoengineers are apparently keeping a low profile, relying more and more on this more subtle method. The  casual observer would likely never notice that planes made the clouds like the ones in the picture above. They would seem to them natural cirrus clouds. Rarely would the casual observer notice a plane leaving a rather faint broken trail like the one in the bottom of the  picture above, a trail which will spread in less than ten minutes and become part of a similar cloud. Only those of us who have been observing the chemtrail phenomenon more closely will know that these cloud formations are actually sprayed aerosols. 7:00 AM

Massive cumulonimbus clouds added to the mix this evening. A little rain. 5:00 Pm.



More stealth chemtrailing this morning; the aerosol film constantly being refurbished by short trails like the dashes seen in this picture. 6:30 AM.

It became a basically overcast day. The cloud cover almost complete but uneven and streaky.


Today is overcast but the cloud cover is so thin the sun is still able to cast shadows. Hot, steamy. The proverbial filtered sunlight.


Yesterday we were covered with a thin layer of something I hesitate to call clouds. We were overcast alright, but by something that could better be characterized as a fuzzy film. I suspect that this covering was largely aerosol derived. It was a very hot day and this thin film hovering over this area certainly tempered the heat by blocking some of the sun’s rays. A fortuitous, if not indeed engineered, occurrence. Today is another scorcher. The sky is again beginning to fill up with thin clouds. Here we can see, as I was not able to see yesterday, the source of this fibrous film. Definite chemtrails this morning. Or rather this afternoon. 12:00 PM.

WIN_20150623_121711 (2)


Nothing much changed the past couple of days. Mostly cloudy, pale skies. Some dubious looking clouds. No significant chemtrailing observed. But then, it’s been too hot to go outside.


Today, enormous cumulus clouds along with cirrious clouds, produced no doubt by stealth chemtrailing.


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