Stealth chemtrailing +Glazed sky +Rain

Haven’t been able to catch chemtrails in the making today, but there are some linear form cirrious clouds and streaks among the many cumulus clouds in the sky today. 3:30 PM.

Definite chemtrail at 6:00:


The hazy film is dense, the sky pale blue. And I did catch sight of a chemtrail plane shortly after 6:00. It was leaving a broken trail. Dashes rather than a continuous line. Lightly sketching rather than drawing. I imagine this “split” chemtrailing has been going on all day, the planes leaving periodic dashes across the sky; light short lived trails that become translucent swirls and then melt into the atmospheric film, contributing to and building up the whitening of the sky. In other words, stealth chemtrailing.


Glazed sky stitched with fresh chemtrails this morning. 8:00 AM.


2:00 PM. Pale sky with cumulus clouds.

4:00 PM. Much the same as this morning, but smokier texture.



Overcast today.


Cloudy. Intermittent rain.

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