Non-smoking gun +the technique for observing particulates + cumulus clouds

Mostly cloudy this morning. And now:

WIN_20150614_132041  WIN_20150614_133342

1:30 PM, the first definite chemtrails I’ve seen in almost two weeks. True, I have been seeing some cirrious flurries, the kind of nebulous clouds that chemtrails make, but no actual trails. The chemtrailers are being less stealthy today.

3:00 PM. Now this is a rare sight indeed. I have only seen it one other time in the years that I have been chronicling chemtrails. A plane, at the altitude chemtrail planes usually fly –so high up that they are mere dots to the naked eye– that was not leaving a trail. True, this may indeed be a common occurrence. Many planes of this altitude possibly pass overhead unnoticed, precisely because they are leaving no trail; for it is the trail they are leaving that draws your attention. Still, in all my years of observing, only one other time have I seen a plane at that altitude leaving no trail at all, not even a normal short lived contrail. And, curiously, this plane was traversing the sky only an hour and a half after other planes at that altitude had been leaving voluminous trails. Unless the upper atmospheric conditions have changed dramatically (from the supposedly rare conditions that cause lingering contrails) in that time, which I doubt, this is the smoking gun, or, to be exact, the non-smoking gun, that proves that the earlier planes were indeed spraying aerosols.

4:15 PM. Aha! I have discovered the proper technique for bringing the sparkling particulates into view! As I have said earlier:

what I do when I want to look directly towards the sun while simultaneously blocking the sun itself is to stand behind/in the shadow of the satellite dish on the roof. It’s the perfect size for blocking out the sun.

Well, what you have to do to bring the particulates into focus (you have to wait until there are no clouds in the background of course) is change your position minutely until the sun is at the very edge of the satellite dish and beginning to produce a glare; the rim of the sun just beginning to cascade over the dish. In the cusp of that glare is where you are able to see the particulates. Today they are again numerous, and again extending high into the atmosphere. I do believe these are the chems from the chemtrail planes.

“Popup” rainstorms tonight.



A nice natural looking linear cloud skirting the rising sun. 7:30 AM.

Large bands of cumulus clouds today, punctuated with chemtrails here and there. Checked for particulates; not as many discernable as yesterday.

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