Stealth Chemtrailing +apparent lull +The apparent lull continues

Some chemtrails visible on June third. I did not see any yesterday, just the usual frayed edged cumulus clouds, the fraying indicative of ambient aerosols from previous sprayings.

Today, they are definitely spraying. I’ve seen several linear clouds such as the one in the center of this picture. WIN_20150605_142304

Obviously it is a trail left by a plane that has begun to disperse. It will merge with the nebulous clouds that surround it, which are also the remnants of sprayed aerosols. This kind of trail, as I have said, is short lived. Gone within 10 minutes, so if you don’t glimpse them in that time frame, you are likely unaware that these filmy nebulous clouds are chemtrail residue. I have discovered that it is by these short bursts of aerosols that these clouds are made. This is the manner by which stealth chemtrailing is accomplished.

Here is the same area about an hour later. 3:45 PM. Just above and to the left of the trees, spreading chemtrails have merged into thin cirrious clouds.



A little rain over night. This morning, no chemtrails. Just a suspiciously hazy sky and some scattered cumulus clouds. 11:30 AM.


Was not able to observe sky yesterday evening. This morning, no chemtrails visible. Just frayed cumulus clouds. Must be a lull in chemtrail activity in this area. 12:00 PM.


Clouds yesterday. No chemtrails sighted. Thunderstorm last night.


The apparent lull continues.  Pale skies this morning. Now numerous cumulus clouds in a light blue sky. 1:00 PM. I suspect this is an interlude after the geoengineering  operation that brought those floods to the Texas heartland just west of here a week and a half ago. The chemtrails I was seeing then were likely used to create an atmospheric barrier to keep moisture funneled into that area: Now that they have accomplished the drowning of Texas the geoengineers have obviously shifted their focus elsewhere.

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