Short-lived trails +morning trails +Some chemtrails

Yesterday. Mostly cloudy. A little rain.

At late night I peeked through the window blind at a sky that seemed clear. Today partly cloudy again with cirrious clouds: the haze left behind by chemtrail planes. I now know the process by which this is accomplished. The chemtrails vanish within minutes leaving these wispy translucent clouds in their wake. So unless you happen to catch these trails during the ten minutes or so of their duration you would not know that these short-lived trails are the source of this haze. Here is the sky today at 4:00 PM.

WIN_20150528_153259 Exactly like day before yesterday.WIN_20150526_175951

Cirrious clouds.


Mostly cloudy. There were voluminous cumulus clouds almost completely covering the sky earlier. Now there is a mixture of various types of clouds suspended in a hazy film stretched across most of the sky.



Rain overnight, apparently. Some morning trails. 8:00 AM. Partly cloudy the rest of the day. No significant amount of chemtrailing.



Over night rain again.


Overcast this morning. Cloud cover breaking up this afternoon.


No chemtrails sighted.


Some chemtrails visible above the cumulus clouds. 1:00 PM.



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