Drying +cloud city +stealth chemtrailing

Thunderstorm yesterday evening. Engineered? Who knows? Not necessarily causation, but the rain was preceded by several days of moderate chemtrailing. Drying this morning but overcast.

The clouds parted slightly by midday. Saw a single chemtrail through one of the breaks in the cumulus. No telling how many more were above these clouds.


Overcast here again in cloud city. Apparently some rain overnight.

Partly cloudy this afternoon with occasional chemtrails. Check out the iridescent chemsttreak just above the roofline. 2:00 PM.


Actually they’re chemming us up pretty good, just after this photo was taken. But the trails are thin and they only last a few minutes before they dissolve into a powdery haze and merge into translucent clouds like the one above the roofline in this photo. It’s as if the planes are dumping at half the rate of classic heavy chemtrails. Hence they don’t linger in their linear form as long and are not as noticeable. It’s stealth chemtrailing. Gone in ten minutes. So unless you happen to catch the chemtrail bombardment within that ten minutes, as I just did, all you will notice is rather linear form translucent clouds. Like the one above the roof in the picture.

6:00 PM. These clouds. They’re just so… natural.




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