Alternating rain +ditto +clouds +a classic form chemtrail +big tanker overhead

Alternating rain and partly cloudy yesterday. No chemtrails sighted, but some cirrious clouds (evidence of sprayed aerosols). This morning, overcast. More rain expected. Likely no opportunity to observe chemtrails. 9:00 AM.


Yesterday was a repeat of the day before. Alternating periods of rain and sunshine. This morning is overcast. 8:00 AM.

Turned partly cloudy midday. The sky at 8:00 PM.



The sky was partly to mostly cloudy yesterday. An occasional long thin chemtrail could be seen threading them. I noticed some odd configurations to either side of a towering mass: two rather square holes, odd because of the angles of the intersection of clouds that formed them. Given what is known about HAARP beams it would not surprise me if these holes were artificially punched into these clouds.

Dane Wigington concurs with me that much of the chemtrailing being done over our heads is not obvious.

 It is important to remember that the visible horizon to horizon sprayed trails are only a part of the spraying operations. Much of the spraying is far less obvious but still turns the sky white and/or silvery white.

So even though I haven’t seen many chemtrails, the presence of what I call “cirrious” clouds and pale skies is evidence of spraying.

Cloudy skies this morning. 7:00 AM.

Rain earlier today. Now partly cloudy. There were/are two layers of clouds actually. A wispy but brittle looking upper layer, relatively stationary, and a brisk moving lower layer of soft fluffy presumably cumulus clouds. Here is something I haven’t seen in a long time; a massive chemtrail, as opposed to the long thin ones I see frequently. You can also see in this picture the two layers of clouds I spoke of. Those soft edged cumulus clouds are at a slightly lower altitude than the chemtrail, while some of the clouds that the trail intersects in the upper left of this photo are at or above the altitude of the trail. 5:20 PM.


7:30 PM. That heavy trail, as it turns out, was the first of a wave of intersecting trails that followed. There was the classic tic-tac-toe configuration that I have not seen in a long time.

Wow! As I was sitting here watching this I heard the increasingly loud sound of an air vehicle. It got so loud and lasted so long I thought it might be a low flying helicopter. Though I live not far from the municipal airport, no plane has ever flown so low in the twenty years I have lived here. I wanted to go out and take a look at what this was but by the time I decided to do this the sound had  began to wane. So I decided  not to. Then, about two  or three minutes later the sound approached again. I got outside just in time to see a massive four engine military tanker flying low overhead. It was headed east, the general direction of the municipal airport but it was turning towards the south, which would take it away from the airport. Its destination was clearly somewhere else. I did not know if this was the same plane I had heard a few minutes earlier circling back or if this was a companion tanker following the path of the first plane. No, the plane was not spraying. But it is probably one of the planes. Cargo plane? Possibly. The closest thing I can find on the web that resembles what I saw is the C 17:

Four engine. Wide body. Flared wingtips, very distinctive. Flying low enough to see it clearly. Cargo? No doubt it would be easy to convert such a plane into an aerosol tanker.



  1. […] The fact that they flew in formation means that these were military aircraft. Probably two of those C-17s that rumbled low over my house last spring. Those trails are a clue to who’s spraying […]

  2. […] have been more than 5000 feet. I was surprised that it flew so low for so long. Now I have seen C-17s in the area before but never this many at the same time, nor have I seen them at the municipal […]

  3. […] have been more than 5000 feet. I was surprised that it flew so low for so long. Now I have seen C-17s in the area before but never this many at the same time, nor have I seen them at the municipal […]

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