Glazed sky +Classic chemtrails +Stealth chemtrailing +pretty cirrious +rain

Glazed sky this morning. Looks like frosted glass with occasional pin striping. 10:00 AM.


I can’t believe this. I saw them rolling this shit out at dawn. The same bank of translucent clouds but they hadn’t quite made it to this area. It was beautiful, a glowing pink canopy fanning out from the northeast. I thought it odd. It was as if the sun was radiating from behind this shield, but it seemed too far north for that to be the case. I had to assume that this cloud was reflecting a sun that was considerably to the south of it and below the horizon. At any rate, that translucent canopy of clouds now envelopes this area and what I can’t believe is that nobody is paying attention. Not our elected officials. Not our news media. Not even our environmental activists! Not a peep. They, the PTB, whoever they may be, are stretching this sheet of poison over us almost everyday, and nobody’s saying a word.

1:00 AM. Classic chemtrails at midday.



Glazed sky again today. Saw a number of chemtrails earlier, threading the mix. Contributing to the mix. Now the sky is full of thin translucent clouds. None of them natural. Just a sheet of whatever aerosolized concoction the PTB has chosen to spray us with. 3:00 PM.


Same yesterday as the day before. Glazed sky. Translucent clouds, the kind that chemtrails make, but not many chemtrails spotted. This morning the same. I suspect by their texture that these are chemtrail generated clouds, despite not seeing many chemtrails. Stealth chemtrailing.


I just saw a possible indication of how these clouds are made. I saw a rather heavy chemtrail begin just to the north of the morning sun. A bright marker that stopped after traveling a short distance, leaving a white dash in the sky. It was a clear instance of a high flying plane turning on and then turning off its spray. I had seen similar short dashes in the sky before. Here, for example. Similar bright flaring chemtrail dashes I had seen always lingered a long time. Several hours. So I expected this inflection to linger as well. But when I went to get my camera and returned, no more than five minutes, this blast of spray I had witnessed from beginning to end had just about dissipated, dissolved in the film into which it was embedded. Maybe. When I went out again to check that area of the sky, there was a longer interrupted chemtrail, a line of dashes in the sky where I had  seen the first one. This may have been a continuation of the trail I had just seen, but it seemed to begin at a point further to the west of where the former trail began. This trail too disappeared within minutes. Five minutes later, this trail is succeeded by another in roughly the same area. Simultaneously, as these short lived trails dissolve, the hazy cloud cover grows more extensive and thicker. Obviously, this is the method by which chemtrail-like clouds are created without  overt chemtrailing. Short staccato bursts of spray have the cumulative effect of producing these cirrious clouds. Stealth chemtrailing.


3:30 PM. Cumulus clouds developed and we gradually became overcast this afternoon. A short spell of light rain in the earlier afternoon.

5:00 PM. Cloud cover is breaking up into a mixture of various types of clouds; cumulus, cirrus and bands of translucent clouds and haze. Pretty much like it was before it became completely overcast. Pretty much like the picture above. No chemtrails in the mix. However, some of these clouds seem pretty cirrious.


Clouded over again and rain yesterday evening. Rain this morning.


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