Speckulation +Disease from the sky? +glitter? + cirrious clouds


3:45 PM. I may have waited too late to check for the glittering particles around the satellite dish.

The effect was not there this time. Perhaps the sun not hitting in the same way at this time of day. Though it is close to the same time of day (1:30 to 3:30) as the previous observation. There was a tiny cloud caught in the aperture this time. Maybe that prevented me from seeing the specks. Checking once more. 4:00 PM. Oh yes. I can see them. But I have to look really hard. A relative few. Nothing like the virtual shower of glittering particulates I saw day before yesterday.

4:50 PM. That is quite interesting. Apparently if you look for the specks hard enough, you will see more of them. As I stared into the direction of the blocked sun at its periphery I could gradually see more and more of the little specks gleaming in the sunlight. They were traveling transverse to my line of sight rather than directly towards me as they had been on the previous occasion. That was why they had been so noticeable. They were coming straight at me and hence remaining in my field of vision longer even as other streaming particles joined them. It seemed as if  they were showering down upon me. It’s hard to say what these specks are but they seem surprisingly large. When the light hits them they don’t look so much  like specks of dust but more like small bits of fiber.


No chemtrails this morning, just bands of mottled cirrus clouds. 9:00 AM.

12:30 PM. I still don’t know what to make of the tiny white specks I have discovered by looking at the aura around the covered sun. These things are definitely ubiquitous, like dust caught in a flashlight beam. But the gleaming specks look more like bits of lint than dust. In fact much of what we call dust indoors is probably bits of fiber; understandably so. I would expect this to be much less the case outside. And yet this stuff in the air appears to be bits of fiber of some kind. In fact the specks that have come close and were caught in the glare of the sun seemed very much like small pieces of lint. Maybe there is just a lot of lint in the air today and I am confusing these with the specks I see in the sun’s aura. Could be. Nevertheless these specks have the appearance of bits of fiber. It’s not unreasonable to suggest, given the constant dumping of aerosols I have observed, that these fibers are indeed the residue of chemtrails and that it is precisely these tiny white filaments permeating the atmosphere that causes the pallor of sky.


The sky is clear and pale. No chemtrails now, but I did see a truncated lingering one earlier this morning. One of those that looked like a vector marker. Very bright but short in length, as if a plane had turned on and then turned off the spray. Maybe this is the stealthy means by which the paleness of the sky is maintained, i.e., the way that they keep the particulates I have observed permeating the atmosphere. Go out doors. Take a deep breath. No telling what poison or organic contaminant  is in the air we are breathing. I myself have been hospitalized (almost 2 years ago now) by an exotic illness that was apparently not endemic to my area. The doctors kept asking me if  I had traveled recently. Disease from the sky? Makes me wonder.

11:30 AM. Ah yes! Pollen! That would certainly match the description of what I am seeing. The pollen count is high this time of year. Except that all the particles seem very white, but apparently any small particle caught in the gleam of the sun appears white. I’ve seen nothing else. But I do have to refer to my initial response, as if it were an independent witness. Unfortunately, I apparently erased it! So I have to say that I remember initially stating that the particles looked like glitter. It could be that the particles I saw that first day were different from the ones I have seen subsequently. I thought they looked metallic. Maybe that is why they were noticeable in the first place. It was only after that initial sighting that I decided that the glittery appearance had been an illusion caused by the glare of the sun.

6:00 PM. What the heck kind of clouds are these?


That picture’s not blurred. These are the gossamer kind of clouds left behind by chemtrails. And yet these must be natural clouds because there has been no significant chemtrailing today. Drifted in from a nearby spraying? Maybe. Why can’t I just accept that this is just a normal cirrus cloud? Do I mean to suggest that they are somehow spraying surreptitiously? Without leaving lingering trails? Anyway, these curious chemtrail-like clouds that appear in the absence of chemtrailing I call cirrious clouds.

Also I checked for the particles in the sun’s aura just a while ago and could not recreate the effect. Probably too late in the day. Or maybe the pollen has died down. I’ll keep checking this phenomenon to see if there is a pattern.


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