Glazed sky + cumulus clouds decomposing

Sunday, the sky is glazed over with spreading chemtrails.


Been pretty much the same all day. 6:00 PM.


12:00 PM. I really can’t remember whether the skies were glazed this morning. At least I thought they were; maybe because I imagined that today was going to be a repeat of yesterday. Glazed skies with periodic chemtrails all day long. But glazed skies or no, I did see chemtrails earlier this morning. Now the sky has lost this glazed over appearance and is a medium pastel blue inundated with cumulus clouds. I did see some trails just a little while ago but they were short enough to be normal contrails. I think the trails must have grown gradually shorter throughout the morning. Now there are none at all. Just cumulus clouds decomposing in their wake.


If you look closely you can see traces of the spraying that preceded these clouds in the haze that envelopes them and which also causes the sky to seem pale. Might be dust in the air. Water particles floating in the air causing the sky to look pale. Or it could be the stuff they were just spraying.


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