Overcast +accumulating aerosols +no chemtrails +clear +a definite lull in the chemtrail activity

Overcast this morning. Another wave of cloud cover after yesterday’s clearing.9:30 AM.

And now. It’s a partly cloudy day, except that the clouds are nebulous and hazy. Like these.


I have seen no classic  chemtrails, yet these are the kinds of clouds that chemtrails make. I have, however, seen a couple of short lived presumably normal condensation trails of high flying aircraft. These may be stealth chemtrailers releasing small amounts of aerosols. The aerosols, I speculate, accumulate throughout the day, forming these filmy translucent clouds.


An interesting sky today. This morning the north half of the sky was a continuous sheet of filmy clouds, as if all the scattered translucent clouds of yesterday had gathered together in a single mass. The southern hemisphere was occupied by broken up bands of natural looking cumulus clouds. This evening the sky is a mixture of both these kinds of clouds. I have seen no chemtrails. 6:30 PM.


1:30 PM. Not a cloud in the pale blue sky. Not even the wispy translucent kind.


A few cloud tufts appeared in the evening but basically yesterday was a clear day. I saw no chemtrails. Today is beautiful. Perfect temperature mostly sunny with just the right amount of cumulus clouds.


There appears to be a definite lull in the chemtrail activity. I have seen no classic form chemtrail all week. And that is most unusual. Sure, I have seen some mysterious cirrius clouds (my name for dubious cirrus clouds) but no actual chemtrails. Remarkable. Note in the pic above how the cumulus clouds seem to be in the process of dissolving around the edges? I hypothesize, as I have said before, that this is due to lingering aerosols floating in the air. It is precisely these lingering aerosols from earlier chemtrail spray that makes the sky seem pale blue. As cumulus clouds float through these ambient aerosols they dissolve around the edges. These are holding together fairly well. Obviously there is less ambient aerosols in the air due to the lull in chemtrail activity. Still, there is some dissolution, suggesting that the aerosols sprayed by chemtrailers can linger in the air a very long time. 1:00 PM.



  1. hallo, nomad (or so i believe),

    do come by the Café now and again if you wish. as here, commenting doesn’t require registration. 😉

  2. well that was careless; i forgot to give the directions to the place.


    ack!!! emoticons!!! (smile)

  3. Hi, Wendy. Nice to see you here. I will certainly come visit. 🙂

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