Most unusual indeed +A conveyor belt of clouds + Definite chemtrails +spiting the weatherman +Partly cloudy after all

A most unusual week. I have seen no actual chemtrails this week. That is most unusual indeed. As I have said, the focus of the operation must be elsewhere at the present time. Nevertheless! Today’s clouds look awfully suspicious.


These are exactly the kind of clouds left behind when chemtrails thin out and spread. Yet, I have seen no chemtrails. True, I might simply have missed a chemtrail bombardment. But since I have seen no actual chemtrails I have to assume that these are natural clouds. It is certainly possible. And if they are, this is yet another consecutive day with no chemtrails. Most unusual indeed. 4:00 PM.

No. No. No. I’m beginning to notice a tic-tac-toe pattern in these linear clouds. Definitely not natural. And these are not aerosols drifting in from other areas, because they retain their linearity. No, I have changed my mind. These are chemtrail clouds. Apparently the chemtrailers have perfected the art of stealth.

6:00 PM. The clouds grew gradually thicker. We are now completely overcast again.


Overcast still, or if there was a break in the clouds over night, overcast again. I wish I was more familiar with the patterns of cloud cover in this area. I never paid much attention before but there seems to have been an excessive amount of cloud cover these past several months. If, as  dane-wigington suggests, the primary focus of chemtrailing is to steer clouds north of California before letting the jet stream carry them south again, then this almost continuous cloud cover may be a byproduct of that operation. A conveyor belt of clouds being streamed into this area. 11:00 AM.



Light rain the rest of yesterday and overnight. Definite chemtrails this morning. 7:30 AM.


A hazy film of translucent clouds, the residue of spreading chemtrails, in which can be seen freshly laid chemtrails adding to the density of this film. Though the weather is forecast to be partly cloudy today, the geo-engineers may have something else in mind. You can bet these translucent clouds will grow thicker and we will have another engineered completely overcast sky. Cloud city.

11:00 AM. I like it when the forecast and the actual weather don’t match. It marks the degree to which the geo-engineers are interfering with the weather. It is now completely overcast, despite the weatherman.


Partly cloudy. Yeah, right.

7:00 PM. As it turns out the weatherman was right after all. The sky was completely clouded over for a while and then it became almost completely clear for most of the day. Cloudy for a while and then clear. Partly cloudy. No chemtrails sighted since this morning.

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