Light rain +No chemtrails +cirrus clouds +no chemtrails +overcast

Earlier this morning I noticed there were two layers of clouds. The higher layer was relatively stationary and of a striated texture, ostensibly cirrus clouds. The lower layer was fast moving and billowy, almost smoky in texture. So nebulous I hesitate to call them cumulus clouds. Now the sky is completely overcast by one or both of these cloud layers, the lower smoky layer parting here or there to reveal the layer above. Light rain. 12:30 PM.

Mostly clear at sundown. No chemtrails sighted. 8:00 PM.



Noontime. Sky is full of voluminous cumulus. No chemtrails. However I do attribute the decomposing edges to interaction with ambient aerosols. Alas, I did not get out early enough to see if morning chemtrails had been laid. I doubt it though, since there is, remarkably, no filmy residue in the air. I would have to say I have seen no chemtrails in the past two days.



No chemtrails this morning. Just rather spurious looking cirrus clouds. But since I have seen no chemtrails in two days I must assume that these are natural clouds, albeit being dissolved by ambient aerosol particulates remaining in the air from previous spraying and/or drifting into this area from elsewhere. 10:00 AM.


I have seen no chemtrails. And yet this band of haze looks mighty suspicious.


It is the kind of cloud left behind when chemtrails disperse. In the absence of chemtrails the past three days I have to assume that this nebulous cloud is natural. Either that or these are aerosols sprayed elsewhere wafting across the sky. Evidently the chemtrailers have been focusing on other areas of the country the past several days. And for those who believe the trails left by planes are lingering condensation trails and not aerosol spray, the (supposedly rare but somehow frequently occurring) conditions must not be right for such trails to form. Indubitably there is the usual massive air traffic overhead, unseen because the planes are too high up to be visible to the naked eye without the telltale lingering contrails  to demark them.

3:30 PM. Actual clouds developed, increasing gradually throughout the day until the sky is fully overcast.

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