Continued Overcast +morning trails +glazed sky +April showers + Numerous cumulus +overcast

Nothing much to report. Overcast. Threat of rain. But I do see a few blue spots in the cloud cover. Well, one anyway. The thinness of the cloud cover at other places suggest the possibility of others. Unsettled. Grey clouds interspersed with light clouds. No opportunity to observe chemtrails the past couple of days. 12:00 PM.

2:00 PM. More patches of blue. It’s now a mostly cloudy day rather than completely overcast. The rain threatened by the weatherman has yet to materialize.

Rained for a while in the evening.


The clouds have departed this morning. Chemtrailing has resumed or, more likely, been revealed. 9:00 AM.


The  chemtrailing continued throughout the day. The sky is glazed over with spreading chemtrails. Resembles frosted glass, 6:00 PM.



Rain this morning. Must be those April showers we hear so much about.



The sky this morning. Numerous cumulus sailing on a sea of mists, which is the residue of chemtrail spray. I got up a little late this morning. The trails had mostly dissolved and become nebulous film in which hangs these cumulus clouds of various sizes.


And, as usual, most of the chemtrail activity is in the vicinity of the sun.10:30 AM.

Clouds gradually increased until we were fully overcast. 5:30 PM


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