Glazed sky gives way to fluffy clouds +aerosol clouds? +’Tis a puzzlement


This is what the sky was like at 8:30 AM yesterday.

Then at 9:30 AM.


Like the day before a priming of chemtrails seemed to generate fluffy clouds which merged into an overcast sky.


What the heck are these things?


These are the kinds of clouds left behind by aerosol spray. And yet I have seen no classic chemtrails this morning. I did see some trails that did not last very long that may or may not have been chemtrails. Nevertheless the fumes from these planes seemed to contribute to the haze that envelops the sky. I hypothesize that these clouds are aerosols sprayed elsewhere congealing and  drifting into this area. 10:30 AM.

11:52 AM. Yes, I think these short-lived trails are in fact chemtrails. They seem to be deliberately contributing to the build up of these gossamer clouds in the sky.


I think this is a form of stealth chemtrailing. Many planes leaving minimal trails that accumulate into these smoky fog like clouds.

By this surreptitious means the sky is turned into a milky film. 1:PM.:


And so we have what would appear to be chemtrail generated clouds (from prior observations of the fibrous texture and translucence of the clouds created when chemtrails spread) with no obvious signs of chemtrails present. Are these natural cirrus clouds? Aerosols sprayed elsewhere drifting into the area? Or a form of stealth chemtrailing by which the sky is whitened surreptitiously. ‘Tis a puzzlement.

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