Daily Archives: April 10, 2015

Glazed sky gives way to fluffy clouds +aerosol clouds? +’Tis a puzzlement

This is what the sky was like at 8:30 AM yesterday. Then at 9:30 AM. Like the day before a priming of chemtrails seemed to generate fluffy clouds which merged into an overcast sky. 4/11/15 What the heck are these things? These are the kinds of clouds left behind by aerosol spray. And yet I have seen […]

Glazed sky reprise

Yesterday morning the sky was glazed over with translucent clouds stitched together with freshly laid chemtrails. Unfortunately my laptop camera is not able to capture this adequately. 7:30 AM. Much the same this morning. 8:00 AM I wonder if the process will develop similarly. Here’s what happened yesterday just after 7:30 AM.:

What Should We Make of the Videotape of the Policeman Shooting a Man In the Back and Killing Him?

 by WashingtonsBlog The Bigger Picture The officer shooting the unarmed man in the back who was running away is – appropriately – front-page news. But there’s a bigger story … Initially – as Kit Daniels shows – the media believed that the officer shot in self-defense … until the video was released. If the brave […]