Cloud City +Clouds parted +glazed over skies then fluffy clouds


It remained overcast the rest of the day yesterday. Rain overnight. Very cloudy today. Few breaks. As the clouds part this evening you can see chemtrails coursing above them. 7:00 PM.



Overcast again this morning. We have become a city of constant cloud cover. I imagine, just as the parting clouds revealed chemtrails yesterday, that chemtrails are being laid above this covering. 7:30 AM.

Same as yesterday, Clouds parted revealing several chemtrails. 7:30 PM.


Partly cloudy this morning. No chemtrails sighted. The clouds do seem a bit irregular however. I’m not quite ready to declare them “cirrious” clouds (my name for dubious cirrus clouds) but it would not surprise me if there were not aerosols involved.


10:00 AM. Several chemtrails appeared directly after this, but I saw none the rest of the day.


This morning the sky is glazed over with translucent clouds stitched together with freshly laid chemtrails. Unfortunately my laptop camera is not able to capture this adequately. 7:30 AM.

WIN_20150409_073210 WIN_20150409_073218


One comment

  1. That situation lasted only a brief moment. Either these translucent clouds somehow fluffed up and expanded or perhaps effervesced, or cumulus clouds suddenly migrated into the area. The sky is now overcast with fluffy clouds which swallowed up any sign of chemtrail activity. All in less than 15 minutes. I am constantly amazed at how quickly the sky can change.

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