Glorious clouds +southerly sliding trails +overcast +more


I thought yesterday’s sky was like Turner in the morning:

It was gorgeous. Very cloudy, but very dramatic and picturesque. I thought they resembled Constable in the evening:

The rays of sun beaming down through these clouds as the sun receded was, in a word, glorious in appearance. One might have expected to see angels hovering within these rays. An appropriate atmosphere for the Thursday before Easter. This morning’s airshow was nice as well. Two levels of clouds. You could see a bright layer through the breaks in the darker lower layer, the one moving in the opposite direction to the other. I have seen no chemtrails neither today nor yesterday. But the cloud cover has been relatively heavy. So there may have been some hidden from view by the clouds. In either case, I didn’t see any. 1:30 PM.


Chemtrails. The weather is forecast to be clear. These trails suggest that may not exactly be what the weather engineers have in mind.


Interesting. I noticed that these,  the only chemtrails in the sky at the time, were in the northeast, not in the vicinity of the rising sun, which is where I usually notice these morning chemtrails. But then, no more than five minutes later, this band of chemtrails had slid southward crossing the face of the sun. I went back out to take a picture of this but the band had already slid further south to the opposite side of the sun.


As I am typing this I see, through my window, other chemtrails being laid in the northern quadrant. These will obviously have a similar path across the face of the sun due to the direction of the wind in the upper atmosphere, southerly.


And they will probably, cumulatively, turn the sky pale.


Saw no trails the rest of the day Saturday. The sky remained clear but somewhat anemic. Today a blanket of homogenized light gray soft textured clouds covers the sky. Bland. Nothing like the varying textures and dynamic juxtapositions, a la Turner and Constable, that characterized Thursday’s cloud cover. Just thick enough that the sun is not able to shine through. 1:00 PM.

But even as I write it has grown noticeably lighter outside, indicating that the cloud cover is thinning. I just stepped outside and indeed you can now see the sun, like a lighted bulb beneath a lampshade. It was not able to pierce the veil at all just a moment ago.


It remained overcast the rest of the day yesterday. Rain overnight. Very cloudy today. Few breaks. As the clouds part this evening you can see chemtrails coursing above them. 7:00 PM.



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