No chemtrails +six days and counting +chemtrail activity + geoengineering interference? +cloudy + three robust chemtrails


Cloudy with light rain earlier. Now the sun is out. Partly cloudy. No chemtrails. Just decomposing cumulus clouds. 4:30 PM.


Nice weather the past couple of days. Partly cloudy for the most part. No chemtrails spotted. Today there is not a cloud in the sky. Perfectly clear. And no sign of chemtrails. It’s been almost a week since I have seen a chemtrail. And this time there have only been one or two overcast days where there may or may not have been chemtrailing going on hidden from view. The sky has been highly observable lately. Under such conditions it is very unusual to go an entire week without seeing a chemtrail.


Definite chemtrails this morning.


Funny. My bedroom window faces north. Looking out of it I would never know that chemtrail activity is taking place. That’s what I thought I was going to see this morning. There were banks of decomposing cumulus clouds from this viewpoint but no chemtrails. I thought I was going to see a continuance of the apparent lull in chemtrail activity. Only when I went outside could I see that there was chemtrail activity in the southern quadrant. As usual the activity is heaviest in the vicinity of the rising sun. It’s as if the weather engineers desire that this metropolitan area start the day with chemtrails interposed between the city and the sun. 8:00 AM. It is, in fact, difficult to get a picture of morning chemtrail activity that doesn’t include the sun.

I can’t help but notice that though the forecast calls for “mostly clear” and “partly cloudy” skies today, an hour later the sky is completely overcast. Hmmm…. Could this unexpected  cloud cover have been artificially generated by the chemtrails I saw earlier? Is that why the weather man didn’t predict it? It must be hard making accurate forecasts with all this geoengineering interference. 9:30 AM. Now it’s breaking up again. Still, one has to wonder.


Mostly cloudy today. Very light rain occasionally. No chemtrails observed, even when the clouds parted enough to see the sky. 4:30 PM.

However, about two hours later I saw three robust chemtrails overhead. An interesting pattern too. All going in the same direction it seemed but fanning out from one another. It reminded me of the kind of trails that might be made at a military air show by the “Thunderbirds” or whatever those showmen are called.

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