Absolutely amazing + Light rain +clear +stealth chemtrailing +cumulus clouds +Purplish clouds


Here is what the sun looks like today. Compare to yesterday below. That’s got to be 10 or 20 times bigger.



This is what the sun looks like without its corona, apparently. The difference between the two pictures is absolutely amazing.

Needless to say it’s overcast again. We have become a city of almost constant cloud cover the past two months. 11:00 AM.


Overcast sky continues. Light rain.


Not a cloud in the sky this morning. Just pale blue with a haze visible in the distance. Conditions are obviously not conducive to  lingering contrail formation. Either that or there is no high altitude air traffic today. I should say, there is no visible sign. There could well be some high altitude air traffic going on despite the absence of trails. The planes that leave the trails are normally too high to be noticed without the trails to indicate their presence. I guess once the atmospheric conditions change to conditions that are conducive once again they will start leaving trails again. And I will again be able to see the massive amount of air traffic that goes on above my head unnoticed except on those occasions when atmospheric conditions are just right. Probably won’t be long, based on past experience. Probably before the day is out. 10:00 AM.

6:30 PM. The sky is very pale. I’ve just seen a couple of chemtrails. They were light and hard to see against the pale blue background, but they were definitely chemtrails; or, as some might prefer, lingering contrails. My prediction was correct. Though we haven’t seen the classic tic tac toe type of chemtrailing today, the sky is pale and hazy, indicating that the atmosphere is permeated with particulates of one sort or another. A chemtrail , admittedly short-lived, courses through this haze every once in a while, contributing to the paleness. As I have said before, chemtrails dissolve more quickly when the atmosphere is already permeated with particulates. This haze augmenting process, one isolated chemtrail at a time, is what I call “stealth chemtrailing”.


A few trails yesterday. Saw none today. Just lots of cumulus clouds.


Overcast and rain throughout the day. The temperature was inverse of the normal, dropping from a high around 60 early this morning to 48 now. That’s cool for spring. .Even cooler temps are forecast for the next 2 days. Now the sky is clearing. Purplish clouds against a light blue sky. No chemtrails. 7:30 PM.


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