Small sun + chemtrails resume +absolutely amazing


Look at this. I went out on this overcast day and saw a round orb in the place where the sun might have been, its rays unable to penetrate the mantle. But I thought that this orb was much too small to be the sun. True, I’m not used to looking directly at the sun, so I may not have accurate notions about it’s size. This small orb, as it turns out, is the sun. Today’s cloud filter reveals that the sun, without the glare of its rays, is much smaller in diameter, from our vantage point on the earth,  than one might imagine. I am shocked.


Look at that little dot! 11:30 AM. And this is not even  aphelion.



Overcast this morning. Clouds started parting just after noon. And of course, chemtrails resume. 4:30 PM. Or rather, without the overcast, the ability to observe them is restored. This probably goes on even when blocked from view. And it most certainly goes on out of sight, if you believe these trails are the result of normal air traffic.

WIN_20150320_163510 WIN_20150320_163452

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