Effervescing trails +engineered cloud cover in about an hour +clearing +Overcast still


They’re baaacccck. Heavy chemtrailing.


How long has it been? The most extensive chemtrailing I last observed was February 24. Since then the sky has been mostly overcast with no opportunity to observe chemtrails. But on those rare days when it was not completely overcast there were almost always chemtrails visible. So it is likely that heavy chemtrailing took place unobserved during this period. And now, boom! In the time it took to write this, no more than half an hour, probably closer to 15 minutes, those trails have effervesced into clouds. WTF? Can cloud cover be generated so quickly? 7:45 AM.


Obviously. Look at the cloud cover an hour later.
Soooo…. The weather engineers can create cloud cover in about an hour. And voila! We are overcast again!
11:00 AM. Well alright! The sky was completely clouded over an hour ago, but now it’s clearing. These are the kinds of clouds left behind after a chemtrail bombardment.
 Yet another overcast day. It started out partly cloudy. Now it’s completely cloudy.
Overcast still. With light rain. 10:00 AM.

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