Constructing a cloud +Ragged edged cumulus clouds


I mean! It has been a week of constant cloud cover. I don’t usually pay attention to length of cloud cover,    but that seems excessive. The sun was supposed to come out yesterday evening, according to the weatherman, but it didn’t. It is out this morning though. Not a cloud in the sky. Unless you count this:


This is part of a gossamer wisplike swathe of clouds that stretched on an east/west axis across the southern quadrant.  This is exactly the kind of cloud that spreading chemtrails leave behind. Thin and translucent. The interesting thing about this morning’s sighting is I watched several  planes,  within five minutes traverse this translucent cloud swathe; one entering, one exiting and at least two flying within it. All were at about the same altitude, very high in the sky, mere dots in the sky. They all left trails. The ones within the swathe were continuous. But the one exiting the swathe stopped leaving a trail as it exited. And the one entering the swathe started leaving a trail as it entered. Needless to say that this proves that the trails left by these planes are not naturally forming contrails, as chemtrail deniers would contend. The planes leaving the trails and the ones not leaving a trail were flying in the same atmospheric conditions. Simultaneously. Here is a clear instance of chemtrailers literally constructing a cloud bank. The flight patterns with the timed release of aerosols seems obviously designed to increase the volume and density of this manmade cloud. Are the weather engineers planning to again to pull a blanket of clouds over this area? 10:00 AM.

11:00 AM.  Obviously not. That cloud bank has slid southward towards the horizon. And it seems to have gotten denser.  The cloud the chemtrailers were building were not for this area. This was just the staging area. South of here observers may experience, as I have here, the appearance of translucent chemtrail-like clouds with no active chemtrails present. Aerosol clouds carried by the jet stream into the target area.


The chemtrailing has been light yesterday and today. The sky was mostly clear yesterday, and except for earlier in the morning I saw no chemtrails. Similarly today, there were a few chemtrails earlier but now, 2:00 PM, the sky is free of them. Small cumulus clouds are migrating through. The interesting thing about cumulus clouds is that nowadays they generally don’t have rounded contours, as used to be typical. Now they have very soft decomposing edges, as if they are being dissolved. Like this:


Ragged edged cumulus clouds? An indication that these clouds are being acted upon by ambient aerosols. Ragged edged cumulus clouds? A sign of chemtrails.

Now larger clouds are coming through. We’ve gone from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy at 3:00.





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