There were chemtrails +rain +overcast +rain


Well, continuing my chronicling of chemtrail activity in this area. There were chemtrails in the northern quadrant. I was going to go out and photograph them but by the time I was able to get outside, cloud cover from the south had pushed them further northward. This cloud cover now encompasses the entire sky. These clouds from the south look natural to me, classic rippled cirrus clouds, not thin streaky and translucent like typical manmade clouds. This sequence conforms to the pattern I have observed in the past, that chemtrails are routinely sprayed ahead of weather fronts. I suspect they function to steer weather systems in the direction the engineers want them to go.

3/9/15, 3/10/15

Overcast. Rain.


Still overcast.  Breaking up somewhat this morning.Rain forecast, so the break is temporary.


Rain. Been continuously overcast all week long. Them chemtrailers are probably having a field day up there above the clouds; out of sight of prying eyes. But I have to say, I haven’t actually seen any chemtrails since Sunday. Today is Friday.


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