White sky +don’t eat the snow +clear + Chemtrails resume


They have pulled the blanket over us this weekend. I don’t think the sun has been out since -gasp- Monday of last week! The weather engineers are doing a pretty good job of keeping this area under cloud cover. In the interval we’ve had light rain and snow. Again we are predicted to have a one day blip of warm weather before turning cold again. That is a repeat of the temperature roller coaster I noted a little over two weeks ago. It is a rather odd weather pattern. Two isolated unseasonably warm days within a string of colder than normal days. Very pulse like.

Today is particularly ugly, though the temperature will be in the mid 60s. The sky is white and yet it is hard to call what blankets the sky “clouds”. The sky is just … white. With the texture of something more akin to fog than clouds. There was actual fog at ground level earlier  this morning. Indeed, I imagine that the same stuff fogging the ground was fogging the sky. One big fog extending from the ground to many thousand of feet into the troposphere.  In fact, this sky fog must extend for miles, because despite its nebulous texture, there is so much of it that the sun cannot pierce through. The humidity is 100 percent, with light rain. I feel like I am walking around in an aerosolized plasma. Whatever they are spraying from those planes is settling to the ground, more saturated than usual. We are breathing it in. I had just about the worst headache I have ever had yesterday. This apparent saturation may have had something to do with that.


Another blast of winterness. Similar to what we had on 2/17. An ice snow combination. Last time it was a couple of inches of mostly ice. This time there is a layer of ice from the overnight sleeting with  several inches of snow on top. Four or five inches. The sky is still white. But it has the discernibly fluffy texture normally associated with clouds that was absent the other day. Actually the sky is a little grey today, as juxtaposed to the white snow on the ground and rooftops. Engineered snow storm? We’ve been under cloud cover for most of this time period so it’s hard to know if chemtrailing was going on. I can say that on the rare occasions that the clouds did part within the last month chemtrails could usually be spotted; sometimes heavy chemtrailing. I have to assume that it is taking place even during periods where cloud cover prevents its observation. Those pulses of isolated warm days within this span also suggests to me possible manipulation. So, engineered? I don’t know. But my advice, don’t eat the snow.

9:30 AM. The cloud cover is thinning, the blue of the sky beginning to show through. The clouds left behind are the spurious kind. Wispy. Smokey. Like the kind left behind by chemtrail spray. Though I have yet to see chemtrails, these are cirrious clouds. 11:30 AM. This will be the first time the sun has been out in over a week.


Clear, sunny, cold, pale. No chemtrails.


Clear. Chemtrails resume.


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