Celebrating Neo-Black History Month: Remaking Black Images

People often ask me, “Nomad, what do you mean by ‘Neo-Black’ history?” Well, they don’t. But if they did I would say it is black history from an imperialist perspective. Black history rewritten to support a corporate agenda. A Neo-Black is a black person that supports and enables that agenda.

The movie Selma is another example of changing history to maintain the status quo.


That is a quote from an article about the movie. It provides a good way of defining Neo-Black History. “Changing black history to maintain the status quo”.

This  goes for changing images too, particularly that of Martin Luther King. Remaking him into a corporate imperialist icon. (More on this later).

Ed Jackson Jr., head architect of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial, explains changes to his sculpture Thursday. Photo: RICK McKAY, COX NEWSPAPERS


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