Repeat process +We’ll see +clear +snow +very cold

Partly cloudy this morning. Overcast again by 10:30 AM. Is there a pattern here? A string of overcast days followed by one or two clear days with little or no chemtrails followed by a couple of days of chemtrailing followed by overcast days. Then repeat.

Check this out.


I see this so often. The sun behind a translucent sheet of clouds. As I often say it reminds me of a light bulb behind a lampshade or frosted glass window. Yes the cloud cover has thinned out in the last hour. It is 11:30 now. And cold. Oddly enough the temperature, around freezing right now, is projected to be 20 degrees warmer by tomorrow, with a high reaching 60. Then, just as abruptly, it’s forecast to turn cold again the following day. Very cold. There will probably be a 30 degree differential between tomorrow’s high and Sunday’s high of only 33. That’s quite a Fahrenheit rollercoaster. Extensive chemtrailing generally precede dramatic changes in the weather. They seem to spray ahead of weather fronts, as I have often observed. We’ll see.


This is the sky at 10:30. Faint chemtrail in the center.


As far as I can tell there was no significant chemtrailing yesterday. There was some just after my 10:30 picture above, but what I saw the rest of the day was mostly clouds. Natural looking for the most part.

Clear skies today, except for a cloud tuft here or there. I have seen a plane or two at the altitude chemplanes usually fly but the trails they left were “normal”, short and short lasting. Is there a pattern here? A string of overcast days followed by one or two clear days with little or no chemtrails?

2/17/15 The weather turned cold Sunday. It snew overnight. Or something. Maybe sleet. But it left the streets covered with one or two inches of snow/ice Monday. Overcast skies for the most part the past couple of days. Clearing today.


Very cold. I think it got down to 1 degree overnight. So I haven’t been outside much. Seen no chemtrails. Shifting cloud cover, from clear to cloudy and back again.

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