Chemtrails resume + evidence without explanation + “cirrious” clouds +repeat

Ain’t this some shit? The skies were clear yesterday. As far as I can tell. Alas, I didn’t get out much after 2:00 PM or so. And they were clear this morning when I took out the garbage no more than an hour ago. I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t make my usual clear day prediction of chemtrails appearing soon. But hey, glancing out my bedroom window just a minute ago, I spotted these. Chemtrails resume. 10:00 AM


Ain’t this some shit? I just happened to be in the vicinity of the TV during the 12:00 PM news while the local weatherman was giving his presentation. Part of it was a time lapse of the morning sky. What he apparently took to be clouds was a sky crisscrossed with chemtrails. There were no other clouds in the sky. What the weatherman inadvertently presented would have been called a chemtrail time lapse video on YouTube. He is presenting evidence of chemtrails without explanation. He is pretending. Helping to create a false reality. That there is nothing wrong here. Worse, he is pretending not to see. Maybe he’s pretended so long he really doesn’t see them. That’s why he is completely unaware that he’s just presented chemtrail time lapse videos. I wish I could find online and repost that segment.

4:00 PM. Morning’s trails breaking down into “cirrious” clouds. Fresh trails have been frequently introduced throughout the day to maintain the aerosol plasma.



The sky at 4:00 today looks much like it did at 4:00 yesterday. It went through several transitions in between: clear but pale, then there were a number of small soft edged clouds that passed through. Now there are cirrious clouds scattered throughout (signs of aerosol deployment) and a definite chemtrail, a long one, skirting the brow of the sun.


Partly cloudy this morning. Overcast again by 10:30 AM. Is there a pattern here? A string of overcast days followed by one or two clear days with little or no chemtrails followed by a couple of days of chemtrailing followed by overcast days. Then repeat.


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