Sunrise trails +clear and pale +Another overcast day +remnants +and another + cloud cover broken up

7:00 AM. I saw these things outside my kitchen window about 15 minutes earlier. They were spectacularly pink with the rising sun, but I could not get my camera/laptop outside quick enough to capture the color before it faded.


Except for those early morning streamers, there have been no chemtrails all day. Well, I haven’t seen any. The sky has been clear and pale. 4:00 PM.


Another overcast day today. It seems that there are more such days than usual this year. Each week there have been a couple sunny days followed by a stream of overcast sometimes rainy days. If I didn’t know better I’d say the weather was being engineered to keep this area under almost constant cloud cover.


The sky is pale this morning. I at first thought it was cloudless though pale. Then I noticed that there were these wisps so nebulous that I hesitate to call them clouds.


If you look into the distance you can see that these demi-clouds are part of a larger mass of similarly nebulous clouds that from a distance seems a single mass of mist; a very soft edged cloud that gradually fades into a sky that is already pale. I think what we have here is remnants of chemtrails sprayed north of here drifting into this area. And in the process turning the sky pale. That’s how that now familiar bleached blue, that the sky almost always has nowadays, is achieved.

Or these could be natural clouds. I don’t know. It’s obvious now they were the leading edge of a massive wave of thicker clouds that now envelopes the entire visible sky. After a clear morning, another overcast day. 12:00 PM.


Good to see that cloud cover broken up at 12:30 PM. This morning it was still a blanket of fuzz. And the air was cold, dense and moist. I felt like I was ingesting sprayed particulates along with the moisture.


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